Center for Health Literacy Promotion - Action research for effective use of health info & services
The Center for Health Literacy Promotion is a research organization dedicated to enabling adults to use health information and services in ways that promote health.

  • We lead action research, data sharing, and analyses that support innovative and collaborative public health and clinical efforts to promote functional health literacy.

  • We develop, test, publish and continuously improve health education content, materials and curricula for our programs and for clients.

  • We provide and technical assistance for health literacy promotion

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Promoting Health Literacy with Free Information & Cool Tools from Your National Library of Medicine. Check out the Free Training page.

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This Assessment and Planning project aims to assess the feasibility and potential effectiveness of MCH home visitation programs as a channel to bring the resources of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to disadvantaged and isolated families, and to provide direct assistance to personalize information and apply it in context.

Featured Content:
Quality Innovation:  Our intervention to promote health literacy through home visitation profiled at AHRQ Innovation Exchange. Beginnings Guides: a tool to improve quality and reduce disparities. Innovation Profile: Reflective Approach to Improve Health Literacy 

CHLP is a member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Health plans need culturally and linguistically appropriate materials for non-English speaking patients. From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Click here to read more.

Medline Plus-Health Information from the National Library of Medicine

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