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Beginnings Guides

It matters what a mother knows and what a mother does.

Beginnings Guides are designed to complement counseling during office and home visits for prenatal and parent education and family support.  The Guides are both teaching & learning materials for promoting health literacy, reflective function, and other essential life skills for parents.

In English & Spanish  Easy to read. Promotes maternal health literacy. Rigorously tested and reflects current research, standards of practice, professional guidelines. Complements Ages & Stages. Companion to the Life Skills Progression instrument.
Beginnings Pregnancy Guide translates the health promotion content of prenatal care into easy-to-read practical guidance for a healthy pregnancy. Now in its 8th edition. 6 booklets (96 pages) referenced by gestational age. 
Over 310,000 families served
Beginnings Parent's Guide translates the science of early child development into easy-to-understand practical guidance for parents of 0 to 3 year-olds. 8 booklets (196 pages) referenced by child age.  Now in its 3rd Edition

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Beginnings Guides Evidence Base & Guidelines for Effective Use 
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Beginnings Guides-Tour In this quick tour of the two Beginnings Guides series, you will learn about easy-to-use curricula for teaching parents and supporting their independent learning during pregnancy and early parenting.

Please follow these links for information on program evaluation, field testing, key messages, readability and readability ratings.

Beginnings Guides work! See an independent review of the evidence on the Agency for Research & Quality's Innovations Exchange
Beginnings Guides: A National Commission for Quality Assurance Quality Tool

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