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Research Summaries

Health Literacy and Home Visitation

CenteringPregnancy Health Literacy Trial
Current Project
Centering Pregnancy is a model of group prenatal care. This randomized trial aims to address these questions: Does CenteringPregnancy ("usual care”) promote maternal health literacy. Does CenteringPregnancy plus Beginnings Pregnancy Guide promote maternal health literacy more than usual care?  Can the Maternal Health Literacy Self-Assessment be used as a meaningful measure of maternal health literacy?

This project aims to produce a video training series to enable home visitors and others to promote health literacy using resources of the National Library of Medicine

This project assesses the relationship of maternal health literacy and maternal depression, and their impacts on utilization of adult and child health services and delivery of home visitation services.

This project evaluates home visitation as a channel for promoting maternal health literacy and begins validation of the Life Skills Progression health literacy scales as an instrument to estimate maternal health literacy.

This Assessment and Planning project aims to assess the feasibility and potential effectiveness of MCH home visitation programs as a channel to bring the resources of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to disadvantaged and isolated families, and to provide direct assistance to personalize information and apply it in context.

This project assesses how maternal health literacy impacts children’s early development including communication, gross and fine motor, personal social, problem solving, social emotional, and regulation.

Managed care organizations rely on printed materials to augment information historically provided orally by physicians. This study examines the effects of mailing supplemental health information (Beginnings Pregnancy Guide) to mothers at home.

Health Literacy and Parent Education

This two-year project aimed to integrate maternal health literacy promotion into Parents As Teachers curriculum and practice.

Plain Language 

This project pilot tested methods to evaluate the suitability of health education materials adapted from English source documents to serve non-English learners.

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