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WUN Health Literacy Collaboration

Health Literacy as a Community Asset
This collaboration was established at the second meeting of the Worldwide Universities Health Literacy Network in November 2013 at University of Sydney.  We came together around a shared interest in health literacy as a collective asset that can be promoted, rather than a fixed individual cognitive deficit that clinicians need to overcome.
Our purpose is to investigate health literacy as a community asset. We start from the premise that literacy, health, and health literacy are context-specific,  so that what it means to be literate and what it means to be healthy and what it means to be health literate in a particular community is determined by its members, their culture, environmental factors including available services and resources, their health challenges  and their individual and collective skills.  Our initial project is a literature review to learn how the “definers” or for lack of a better term, “gatekeepers”  of health in community have been identified, and how they have been or could be engaged to promote the collective health literacy of their communities.
This section of the Center for Health Literacy Promotion website is dedicated to  documenting and organizing the work of the collaborative. It is a central point for developing, reviewing, discussing and archiving our documents and resources. It is and will always be under development.

Members and Contact Information

Lecturer in Global Health, 
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
The University of Sheffield and visiting researcher

Medical Research Council Unit, The Gambia

Skills, talents, expertise: health systems and policy, health leadership and management; neglected tropical diseases; mixed methods research

Skype: janet.harris5

Senior Lecturer & Course Director,
International Health Management & Leadership,
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) Iniveristy of Sheffield, England

Skills, talents, expertise:
Community based participatory research, public health, self management of chronic conditions, qualitative evidence synthesis and realist evaluation.

Skype: Dr Kirsty
Professor, Medical Education & International Medicine
Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney
Skills, talents, expertise: Medical education, primary care, developing country expertise, reproductive, maternal and child health, remote Vietnam, hospital patients Sydney


Mirjam Fransen; 
Skype: Mirjam Fransen
Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam
Department of Public Health & Department of Cardiology
Skills, talents, expertise: Master health promotion, master public health, socioeconomic differences in health and health care, intervention mapping,

health literacy concepts and measurement, various health literacy research projects: diabetes self-management; bowel cancer screening; preconception care


Marianne Matea  
Health Consumers New South Wales, Agency for Clinical Innovation, Clinical Excellence Commission
Skills, talents, expertise: Giving consumer perspective


Tricia Parker;  
Skype: Tricia Parker
Consumer Representative  
Health Consumers New South Wales
Skills, talents, expertise: Community Palliative Care Volunteer for 18 years, Consumer Representative for South Western Sydney Local Health District for 12 years, member of various committees pertaining to Palliative Care, End of Life Care and Advance Care Planning, offers complimentary therapies such as guided meditation, gentle massage and reiki for people living with a life limiting illness.
Simone Pettigrew 
Skype: simone.pettigrew

Distinguished Research Professor
School of Psychology and Speech Pathology
Curtin University
Western Australia
Ph: +61 8 9266 7990
Research Professor, School of Psychology & Speech Pathology,  Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia

Skills, talents, expertise: Consumer research, health psychology, qualitative research methods

Substantive areas: Child obesity, alcohol consumption, ageing, mental health

PhD Student

Research title: Re-conceptualising Health Systems: Ta case study of an urban informal setting in northern Nigeria and University Teacher in Health Services, Systems and Management

School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
University of Sheffield

Sandra Smith 
Skype: sandra.smith1601
Clinical Instructor, School of Public Health & Community Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle
Skills, talents, expertise: Promoting maternal health literacy, health education, health promotion, materials development

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