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Learning about Health Literacy Made Easy

Whether you are just becoming intrigued by health literacy and what it means in your work, or you are a seasoned health literacy researcher, an excellent starting point is MEDLINE/PubMed Search and Health Literacy Information Resources.
Here you will find an automated search strategy to locate English language journal literature on health literacy and related topics.   This morning the search turned up 12 articles published this month.
On the same page, there is a list of Information Resources. One of my favorite features, Research Underway,  lists NIH-funded studies in progress and is a great place to discover the latest thinking and best thinkers in the field. Unfortunately, this part has not been updated in over a year.  I checked my research projects, the listing is two projects behind.
Other resources still make the PubMed Search a first-stop, for example, if you’re interested in measurement, you can view all the expert presentations to the Institute of Medicine Health Literacy Round Table’s Workshop on Measures of Health Literacy. 
If you are wondering what YOU can do to promote health literacy, you might start with the National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy (although in my view, it’s an Plan to Improve Health Information). Then check out tools for implementing the Action Plan from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.  ss

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