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MLK Day of Service

Today volunteers are out all over Seattle and King County. It's MLK Day, a national Day of Service in memory of Dr King and his teaching that “Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?”
My friend and co-author Liz Moore (aka the data whisperer) and I worked with folks fromCityFruit. Since 2008 this group has been promoting cultivation of urban fruit to nourish people, build comity and protect the climate. Last year they tended, harvested and distributed 6500 pounds of fruit grown on trees in Seattle city parks.  Liz and I worked on a hillside up behind the Amy Yee Tennis Center is south Seattle. It turns out there are 30 some  very mature long neglected apple and pear trees there, perhaps a former orchard.  City Fruit's 5 year plan includes rescuing the trees from ivy, blackberry and underbrush, restoring them to productivity, and sharing the harvest with neighbors and local food banks, and selling some to Seattle restaurants to sustain the operation.  Liz and I rescued three apple trees nearly strangled by ivy and blackberry. And we learned something about our city, met some of our fellow citizens and left the world a little better place. Thanks, Dr. King,  for the inspiration and leadership. Thanks to  UW and United Way of King Countyfor organizing the day of service. Thanks to all who serve, and all who accept service. ss

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