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Affordable Care Act Review by the Numbers

The ACA was enacted in 2009. Implementation began in 2010. Big improvements despite resistance. More to do.
43  Percentage reduction in the US the uninsured rate since 2010.
20,000,000 Newly insured under the ACA
55,600,000 Women who gained access to contraceptive coverage, screening and counseling for interpersonal  violence.
$20 Billion  Amount seniors saved since 2010 closing of the prescription coverage gap.
< 0 Annual growth in per-enrollee Medicare spending 2010-14
1.1  Percent annual growth in private insurance spending since 2010 (vs 6.5% 2000-5
28  Percent by which CBO* has reduced it projections of Medicare costs for 2019
474,700 Healthcare jobs created in 2015. Healthcare employs 15.3 million
9 Percentage of Americans uninsured in 2015
29,000,000 Still uninsured
19 States whose Republican governors refused Medicaid expansion
60 Congressional attempts to repeal the ACA
Source: Obama B. (2016). Us Health Care Reform: Progress and Next Steps. Journal of the American Medical Association 316(5). Free online. DOI: 10.1001//jama.2016.9797

Commins J. (2016, Jan 12).Healthcae Job Growth Sets Record in 2015. HealthLeadersMedia

*CBO: Congressional Budget Office
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